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Horseback Assisted Mountain Lake Fishing

This is truly a wilderness experience offered in conjunction with Chuck and Shawna Page, local outfitters we have worked with since 1988. Chuck will take you to a secluded high country lake during the months of July and August. Fishing the high country at timberline altitudes can be a rare and memorable experience. Formed by primordial earthquakes, these small mountain lakes embody the essence of the Rocky Mountains and all their beauty. A short drive up the road from the lodge will take you to the trailhead, where your horses will be saddled. Chuck will assume you have no riding experience unless you tell him otherwise. The horses are gentle and accustomed to taking novices into the backcountry on wide trails that are maintained by the National Forest Service.  A slow walk on your horse for 2 ½ hours will normally find you at your destination. Expect to start fishing at approximately 11:00 AM and then gear up to make the return ride at 3:00 PM. Your guide is a professional in all respects and he will do all he can to make your trip comfortable and safe. There are mountain goat, elk and moose near most alpine lakes and chances of seeing one are good. The fish you can expect to catch are rainbow, brook and cutthroat trout in the 10-14” range. Most are caught on dry flies from shore but occassionally we’ll use small nymphs or streamers. This is a very rewarding day, for it adds another dimension to your flyfishing experience - that of wilderness fishing for trout. Be advised that there are inherent risks that are taken on any horse trip and this is no exception. 

The extra charge for this trip is:
$425 for one angler | $450 for two anglers

Rates are subject to change. Due to the limited availability and scheduling problems, it is necessary to reserve in advance of your trip with full pre-payment.

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Returning clients are given first-right-of-refusal and the lodge tends to book up fast. Click here to see current availability for next fishing season.

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