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Just Within Reach

Craig strategically built his fly fishing legacy in the Pioneer Mountains due to its close proximity to so much good fishing water. We won't be able to show you all of it in one five day stay - not even in three or four five day stays - but Craig and Wade will work with you year after year to keep your fishing fresh and continue to introduce you to new rivers, creeks, and lakes, always in search of that next wild trout. 

Small Water Wade Fishing

The Big Hole is known for its bouldery river-bottom often referred to as "greased bowling balls" while the Beaverhead is known for its easy-to-wade gravel bottom between deep holes and heavy vegetation. Wading on the Big Hole is done sparingly, using a boat to get from spot to spot. The Lodge offers a wide variety of wade fishing options in addition to these rivers including spring creeks, and public access to public rivers.


Early in the year, this arm of the Missouri formed by the Big Hole, Beaverhead, and Ruby rivers holds some of the largest fish in the state. We keep close tabs on the Jefferson and look forward to sneaking down there when the conditions are just right. 

Red Rock

Flows are often too low and access difficult, but when the Red Rock is in we're there. This feeder stream to the headwaters of the Beaverhead holds incredible brown trout when water levels are just right.

Rock Creek

Floatable early in the year and wadeable late in the year, Rock Creek is one of SW Montana's hidden gems. We often tailor your trip to catch native cutthroat in the morning and wild rainbows in the evening on Georgetown Lake.

Clark Fork

This little conservation success story is still being written. Decades after the Anaconda Copper Company polluted the Clark Fork from its headwaters near Butte to the Milltown Dam in Missoula, this meandering stream is the recipiant of millions of dollars in restoration work and the fishery is really starting to show progress - especially during hopper season!

Georgetown Lake

We spend the vast majority of our time on moving water but there is a window each summer right at dark when there's nowhere in the world you'd rather be than skating size #6 caddis for waking rainbows.


The Mighty Mo. The biggest spring creek style fishing in the world. The fish are numerous and large and the fishing is technical. We love the caddis, tricos, and blue winged olives on the Missouri.

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