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Join TU! For the river's sake

Protect. Reconnect. Restore. Sustain.    These are the foundations of Trout Unlimited.

Intact habitat = bigger bucks, bigger bulls, better fishing, more opportunity, and better life for all.

TU has been successful and continues to be successful in the following projects: removing man-made river barriers such as dams and culverts which prevent trout from naturally migrating and spawning,  adding screens to irrigation ditches to prevent fish from getting sucked out of the home river to die in the fields, and restoring riparian habitat and restoring damaged channels.   They need your help!   Let's remember, water code was developed with development in mind.  Now it is time to focus development around the environment and fix what we have broken, as well as preserve what we have.


  1. Join TU today!
  2. Educate yourself on your local needs and current projects.  Get in contact with your local chapter
  3. Support your state TU councils

Why should you join us?  Who else will ensure a future of recreation and beauty?