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Three Storms Coming, Each Bigger Than the Last

The Rockies are experiencing a series of small storms this week that have surprised some areas with substantial snowfall.  This weekend, a larger storm system will drop down from British Columbia, according to PowderChasers.


The most exciting news for Western mountain snowpack is the coming of an even stronger system projected for the middle of next week.  The storm is set to move East across the Cascades and Sierras into the Rockies and the Wasatch.

The Pintlers, home to a substantial portion of the Big Hole Watershed's snow reserve, are currently engulfed in a ferocious looking snow cloud.

Screen Shot 2013-02-14 at 10.19.13 AM

I'm headed home to Wise River and the Big Hole Lodge for the long weekend and plan to break out the neoprene between these coming systems!

Pintler Wilderness Gets a White-wash

The Memorial Day Weekend storm was one of the biggest of the season for the Wise River area.  The Pintlers are looking flashy in white and the fields are saturated.

Photos by Craig Fellin